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Rave 360 Electric Rechargeable,Elliptical Motion Razors forWomen



Electric Rechargeable, Elliptical Motion Razors for Women.

Rechargeable Electric Twin Blade Razors and Push Clean Razor Blades

Comes in 4 colors: Hot pink, pearl white baby blue and purple.

Please make sure to indicate (in the "notes" section when filling in the order) the color you selected.

5 FREE Push-Clean Blade Cartridges Included

The razor's smooth elliptical motion easily cuts hair from multi-day growth, making shaving quicker

Power of an electric, wherever you need it
  • No Batteries Required -
    Holds Charge for Weeks
  • Powers Through Multi-Day Growth
  • Virtually Eliminate Bumps,
    Nicks and Cuts

The key is the control
The Rave360™ moves in a smooth oscillating motion. Cutting hairs with a straight edge to minimize bumps! And it can actually reduce shaving time.

Comfort of an Electric, Closeness of a Blade

New quiet yet powerful elliptical razor for Women. The optimized elliptical motion causes the razor head to oscillate at a very high speed. As a result, the Rave360™ razor feels as comfortable on your skin as an electric shaver. Lather up with your favorite shaving cream or gel and turn on the Razor. As you shave, the high speed oscillations in the razor head will literally massage and exfoliate your skin. The blades seem to float over the skin, but actually shave closer than any ordinary razor without nicking or cutting.

Easy Hold Handle™

Not much larger than a conventional razor, the Rave360 razor fits comfortably in your hand with the easy-hold handle and stands neatly on its base when not in use.

Closer, Safer Shave

Conventional blades cut at an angle. The Rave360™ razor severs hairs with thousands of tiny rapid movements-cutting the hair shaft almost flush with the follicle. Gone is the drag of the blade against your skin. And since you don't have to apply any pressure on the blades while shaving, you eliminate the most common cause of nicks, cuts, irritation and razor burn.


The lifetime NiMH battery fully recharges in 10 hours with the included AC adapter. A full charge will last approximately one month depending on your shaving habits and frequency. The razor is fully submersible in water.

Twin Blades with Push Clean Feature

The Rave360 twin blades have a push clean feature built right into the blade. These blades not only have this but also have an Aloe Vera Comfort Strip.

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